Alien abductions

Alien abduction stories always amuse me. I was watching Penn & Teller’s Bullshit episode on alien abductions and a few things came to mind. None of it makes any sense and it’s just amazing that so many people believe this nonsense. I believe that there are probably some planets out there with life on them, but I have a hard time believing that they’d ever come here. Especially just to experiment on us.

  1. There are never any witnesses. I read a story once of some people who apparently were chased by a space ship and they drove a long distance trying to get away. Apparently they even drove through a little town on the way. How come no one noticed?
  2. If they have the technology to fly out here and abduct people with no witnesses, they should be able to properly remove memories and leave no marks.
  3. The aliens are never described the same way. Therefore, if alien abductees are to be believed, there are hundreds of different alien species circling the planet. I find that hard to believe. They would be easier to believe if their stories all matched, they never do.
  4. There’s always a very strange sexual component to the stories. Anal probing anyone?
  5. People who believe that authorities are in contact with aliens and/or testing their technology always seem to be able to tell everyone about it…but they can never reveal their sources. If they can’t reveal sources and it’s all top secret, then why are they talking about it at all? Why wouldn’t the authorities just take them out?
  6. If there are aliens amongst us, posing as humans and we can’t see it…then how come there are people who know about it? They’re not supposed to be able to see it, right?
  7. There’s never any proof.

People are stupid. Sometimes I despair for humanity.


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