I’m stuck in Vestmannaeyjar!

Yes, I suck. I haven’t posted in forever.

Mostly I’ve been busy. I moved in with my best friend Helga, we’ve been trying to unpack but we haven’t really had much time to do it properly. The apartment is a complete mess. I’ve also had quite enough to do with my new job and school.

I’m currently on a school trip in Vestmannaeyjar. We arrived on Sunday night and my group and I have spend most of our time getting people to fill in questionnaires. Vestmannaeyjar is a very volcanically active area (they had three eruptions in less than 100 years) and we wanted to see how the people who live here feel about it. We’ve got all the questionnaires fill out and I will start working with SPSS as soon as I can, but so far people are pretty relaxed. In fact I think they’re too relaxed.

I will post our results as soon as we’ve got them all worked out.

We’re kind of stuck here right now. We had originally planned to sail back tomorrow at 4pm, but the weather forecast was so bad that we tried to go home today. Then the weather got so bad that the last trip for the day was cancelled and I’m not too hopeful that they’ll sail tomorrow either. Apparently the ship was stuck in the waves somewhere between Iceland and Vestmannaeyjar for over an hour. We’re hoping we will at least be able to leave tomorrow night, otherwise we’re stuck until Saturday. We’re all kind of bummed because we were so very ready to go home.

I took some pictures on Monday when we went around and looked at the old lava from the 1973 eruption. Click on the picture below to go to my flickr set.

I haven’t had much of interest going on lately, that’s basically why I haven’t been blogging. But after this weekend I’m sure things will quiet down a bit. :)


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