The end of my degree

Me accepting my degreeHere’s a picture of me accepting my degree and shaking hands with the head of  my department.

Now that I’ve finished my degree I’m finally going through my piles of notes and printed out articles. Properly that is. At the end of each semester I always threw away stuff that I already had on my computer (articles, powerpoint slides from teachers, etc.) and kept everything hand written and photocopied. Everything always felt so useful and relevant.

Today I decided that I sure wasn’t going to be taking 6 big ring binders with me all over the world so I went through them and all of a sudden it hit me how useless most of it is now. Especially the first year stuff. So, I threw out everything I knew I wasn’t going to be touching again and only kept the articles and photocopies I knew I might find useful in my future studies. That’s about half a big ring binder instead of six. Yeah.

I admit that I was still feeling a little sentimental over many of my hand written notes, so I “stole” my dad’s scanner and scanned them all. It took about two hours, but I feel really good about it. My Macbook made it very easy for me, all I had to do was plug the scanner in and hook it up to the Mac, open preview and click “import from scanner”. Now I have several pdf files (one for each class that I scanned) and I can have the paper recycled.

Now I don’t have to worry about old school stuff taking up too much space. Ahh, I love successful uncluttering!

Mom and dad have been in Denmark with my sister for the last 10 days and they are returning tonight. Apparently they are bringing with them a graduation gift and birthday present (my birthday is next month) from my sister. I’m almost more excited for the gifts than having my parents back. Almost but not quite. This also means I don’t get to sleep in mom’s bed anymore and I have to return to the guest bed in dad’s home office. Only two more months and I’ll be in Sheffield with a better bed (I hope).


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  1. Archibald Brooks
    Jun 19, 2010 @ 04:01:14

    Great article, thanks. Btw. I totally love this template, it’s really nice.


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