So I’m thinking about doing a PhD next year once I’ve finished my MPH. I always meant to get one but I wasn’t sure if I’d do it right away or wait a few years. It’s going to be expensive and I already owe a great deal of money for my student loans, but now I’m really tempted to do it right away.

One thing I’m thinking about is funding/fees since I’m Icelandic and therefore not from the EU. Oversees fees are very high, without funding I’d have to pay up to £15,000 per year which would add up to £45,000 just in fees. I might be able to get around this because according to the rules I am eligible for home fee status if I’ve lived in the UK for a certain number of years or if I have a job. I’d have to look into what I need to do to lower my fees. I am also definitely going to do everything I can to get funding or a scholarship or something. I might have to take one year off and work in the UK for this to work. If so then I’ll do that, but I hope not.

What I’m studying now is public health and international development in the Geography department. I was looking through the programmes that are available and one was Health Geographies and Epidemiology. I want to do something like that, only probably with a focus on GIS or Health Informatics.

I’ve e-mailed one of my teachers, who apparently is in charge of PhDs in Human Geography. I’m looking forward to hearing what she says.

Any ideas, advice, suggestions? Am I insane?


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3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ásta Theódórsdóttir
    Oct 25, 2010 @ 18:49:01

    Ég er líka að hugsa um að gera PhD. þá verðum við eins :) Do it!


  2. Ásta Theódórsdóttir
    Oct 26, 2010 @ 19:23:06

    Já, ég klára fyrst kandídatann og er að hugsa um að vinna í eitt ár í viðbót eftir það. En ég fæ laun (reyndar lægstu laun) á meðan ég geri PhD. Það tekur 3 ár.


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