Where’s all this traffic coming from?

So I haven’t said anything here for aaaaaages. I logged in because I’m preparing to post about my field trip to Kenya, which was on 15-25 January. I noticed that I’ve been getting a lot of visitors lately, 73 in one day recently. I’m a bit confused.

I’m not complaining though, if anything this encourages me to write more! :)

So, right now I’m uploading all my pictures to Flickr. It’s going to take forever because there are 380+ pictures and I didn’t think to reduce the size any before I started. But because it’s taking so long I’m not going to post anything until tomorrow. I have already written about the trip, I just have to put it in here, put all the links in and add some pictures. There will likely be two posts, since it’s 3500 words or so.

I’m not doing much of anything these days. I got back from Kenya on the 25th. I need to start working on my data and write my report, but since a part of the group decided to stay in Kenya to have fun until 4 February I felt justified in taking a break. Classes start again next week and to be honest I’m looking forward to it. I can’t wait for things to get back to normal. This Christmas break (or not break, I had essays to write) has been too long.


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