Kalldoro talks food

Lets talk about food. I sometimes have a hard time making myself eat more fruit and vegetables because they just don’t feel as filling as the more greasy stuff. Fortunately I don’t eat too terribly greasy stuff most of the time, but raw fruit and vegetables rarely leave me feeling full. Some fruit and vegetables even make me feel hungrier! Apples and carrots are the worst, they make my stomach feel weird, like it’s completely empty.

I was thinking about this because earlier I had a plate full of fried sweet potatoes and then an apple. This should have made me feel quite full, but the apple just messed it all up. Now my stomach is just odd and empty like.

I googled this and something I saw made me think. I was reading this discussion here and the last comment says:

According to Seth Roberts (creator of the Shangri La Diet), favorite or very familiar foods will make you hungrier than unfamiliar foods. The theory is that if you’re in such a food-rich environment that you can afford to choose your favorite foods, your body will want to take advantage of the surplus and pick up some extra calories. But if you’re in a food-poor environment such that you’re eating things you’ve never (or rarely) tried before, your body assumes food is scarce and dampens your hunger.

I don’t know about the reliability of this statement and what it made me think is probably complete bullshit, but whatever. It was the whole idea of feeling less hungry when you only eat unfamiliar foods. While I was in Kenya I noticed that I rarely – if ever – felt hungry. The food we ate in the village of Marich was mostly rice and vegetables and stuff and at breakfast we had some kind of semolina grue. None of it was completely new to me as such (except the grue), but the mix of flavours and textures was fairly unfamiliar. I didn’t eat half as much as I’m used to, even though I quite liked the food.

There is an alternate explanation for my lack of hunger: the heat! It was probably the heat, and the fact that I drank a lot more water than I’m used to. So yeah, this whole “unfamiliar food makes you less hungry” is probably nonsense. But it was an interesting thought none the less.

But because of this whole deal with raw vegetables I often don’t feel full after a salad, for instance. I do if I have some more stuff in it such as pasta, croutons and dressing. I also have a bit of trouble feeling properly full after eating stuff that I don’t chew, such as soups and yoghurt. I feel like I haven’t eaten because I didn’t chew it.

Unfortunately my stomach and my mind/eyes don’t always agree on what counts as proper food. I still tend to make too much food because I’m used to seeing a certain amount on my plate. I always feel like I need to eat two slices of bread. I always prepare two slices. This also means I always prepare two sandwiches because they sort of look like two slices of bread. And then I soon realise that I definitely don’t need to eat that much, but I feel like I have to finish anyway because throwing the rest away would be a waste. So I have a strong tendency to eat more than I need to and I can’t seem to kick the habit.

Why is it so hard to change your behaviour? It’s amazing how hard we hold on to what’s comfortable, even when it’s obviously not really all that comfortable.


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  1. Georgia
    Oct 25, 2011 @ 21:26:01

    I totally know how you feel! I was just eating carrots, probably two handfuls, wondering why they didn’t fill me up. I don’t want to eat more because I am watching my calories, but I am so hungry! I googled around and only found your blog discussing this. Thanks!


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