Coldness, milkshakes, and bad naps

Sheffield is cold!

So I’m currently in Sheffield. I came here to get back to work on my dissertation. I had a meeting with my supervisor and I plan to make use of the library while I can. I fly back to Iceland on 15th February.

It’s fucking cold here though! England is more humid than Iceland, so the cold is harder to deal with. There’s also something of a lack of access to wonderful, lovely, awesome geothermal heating, so the houses are cold. And then most of the houses I’ve been staying in have been old-ish and therefore not as well insulated as I’m accustomed to.

This means I’m cold all the time! I’m starting to get used to it though.

I’m addicted to Friji’s Fudge Brownie Milkshake

I never want to stop drinking it! Too bad I won’t have access to it in Iceland. *saddest face ever*

It’s just sooooo yummy!

So thick and smooth and glorious and full of chocolatey goodness.

And it’s currently 2-for-1 at Tesco’s. I’m almost out, I’ll need to buy more tomorrow. :P

Two days ago I took a nap

I somehow managed to twist my neck in some strange fashion. It’s been super sore ever since and I almost can’t turn or lean my head to the right. Today I took a nap again and did something weird to the left side of my neck.

Lesson learned: naps are bad!

Stitch is there to express my sadness over this.


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