I get ideas

I want to do all sorts of things. I come up with new ideas all the time, and if I forget to write them down, I forget them completely.

I get ideas for art work. But then I can’t be arsed to practice drawing/painting, so they never get done. I really want to learn to work with water colours. Maybe one day when I can afford to spend a lot of money on art supplies.

I get ideas for stories and books. I’ve half written one in my head already. I have the characters and the settings and whole scenes floating around in my head. It’s incredibly vivid, but for some reason I keep putting off actually sitting down and writing it.

I want to do fundraisers of all kinds. I want to put together a charity gig. I want to do a huge bake sale. I want to design stuff that I can sell (t-shirts, buttons, Christmas cards).

I want to walk along the Icelandic ring road. I’d bring a video camera and film all sorts of things. I’d dig up folklore and bits of history and film myself telling the story when I get to a relevant place. Then after the trip is finished I’d edit the videos into a series of episodes and put them on Youtube. I actually plan on following through with this one, summer of 2013.

I want to research infectious diseases in Iceland and write a history of them. It would be a complicated look at the way the diseases reached Iceland, how they spread, and the effect they had. It would be a huge Geographical, Historical, Sociological, Epidemiological (etc.) project and it would take a long time to do. But I think it would be worth it.

I want to knit hats and scarves. I want to knit or crotchet a huge blanket for my bed. I want to write deep and meaningful blog posts about important things. I want to win the lottery.

And then I spend all day refreshing Facebook/Tumblr/Twitter and don’t get anything done. How do people motivate themselves to follow their dreams?


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