A day in the life

I haven’t been very productive today. Not as much as I would have liked anyway. I’ve been fairly active however. My roommate (and best friend) Helga and I walked down town, had some sushi and then spent a few hours at a café (Hressó). We meant to get lots of studying done, but instead we simply refreshed Tumblr, LiveJournal, Facebook and Twitter instead. I did finish and e-mail an essay though, so it wasn’t all lost.

On the way back from the café we bought some bread and went to the Pond to feed the ducks and swans. The geese didn’t seem to be interested. :)

A goose in a funny position

A goose sleeping on a patch of ice

I took a video while we fed the birds. They were very aggressive, obviously hungry little bastards. :) They kept fighting each other and a few even ate the bread right out of our hands. It was so much fun. After our bread was finished some guys started feeding them and the birds rushed over to them. I took another video of that.