Still in Sheffield, still bored

Maybe I should write a few words about what’s been going on. “A few words” will do since I haven’t been doing much at all. :P

The University gave me until September 1st to get a job and then they’d let me pay home fees instead of overseas fees. The difference is about £10,000. Well, it’s September 3rd and I don’t have a job. It’s all right though, I will get student loans and it’ll take me longer to pay them back, but it’s not the end of the world.

I’ve spent most of my time going for walks or hanging out at cafes where I can get online. The Interval is a cafe/bar in the Union building and Coffee Revolution has opened so I have several options. I’m bored to tears most of the time, but it’s only about 2 more weeks and then school starts. I’ll live. :)

Coffee Revolution is the cafe for which I was interviewed the day after I arrived. The two guys who interviewed me both came to me today (I visited it the first time today) and chatted with me. The owner told me not to despair that they haven’t called me yet, he said that they’d been really busy and have yet to hire lots of people so they might still call me. He then told me that we’re friends now and that I should come by a lot. So sweet. Everyone is so friendly here, I love it. :D

Even if it doesn’t pan out I have a job interview for a “bar and catering assistant” position for the Union on Wednesday. So it’s not all hopeless. :)

I’ve also made a new friend, a girl I’ve been talking to online. We met the other day and talked, it was nice. She’s celebrating her birthday on Saturday and invited me, so that’ll be an opportunity to meet some more people. I’m very excited.

I also finally heard from the school, they will allow me to arrive early into the flat I’ll have all winter. I have to leave the flat I’m in now on September 11th before 10am. I wasn’t supposed to get the other flat until September 18th, but they are allowing me to move there on September 11th. I’m so relieved! This way I can just pack up my stuff and call a taxi.