Things I love

In no particular order

Doctor Who
Doctor Who

One of my favourite TV shows. David Tennant is my favourite Doctor so far, but after having seen the first episode of the new season I have faith that Matt Smith will be awesome as well.

Zachary Quinto

Zachary Quinto

He is just too awesome and pretty for words. His tweets on Twitter amuse the hell out of me, his quirky fashion style is…well…quirky, and his Spock is brilliant.


Apple products

I am a loyal customer. I have a MacBook and an iPod Touch. I would kill for an iPhone and an iPad. I suspect one day I will become an iDora.

Buffy The Vampire SlayerBuffy the Vampire Slayer

Another one of my favourite TV shows. Buffy is such a strong woman and the characters (while silly) are often so very real with their flaws and weaknesses. I own every season on DVD and I watch them regularly. They never stop being awesome.

CamembertCamembert cheese

I love cheese but Camembert is my favourite. I can buy a whole one and just bite straight into it. I don’t need anything with it. Yes, I’m kind of gross.

Coke LightCoke Light

My one addiction. I can’t seem to break it. It’s too good.

Personal organizers

I love organizing things. I love writing things down, lists and plans. I bought a Filofax a few days ago. it’s so pretty and awesome.

Green bananasMostly green bananas

As soon as there’s nothing green left on a banana I don’t like it anymore. If it has spots it’s completely disgusting to me. I like them when they are still firm.


Do I need to explain this one?

koi fishKoi fish

I don’t know why. They are just gorgeous. I love both real koi and koi art. One day I will have a big house with a big yard and there will be a vegetable patch, fruit trees and a koi pond.

Matryoshka dollsMatryoshka dolls

My dad bought me one in Latvia (if I remember correctly) a few years ago. Since then they’ve become something of an obsession. I’m trying to start collecting matryoshkas but I only have two so far. I am planning all sorts of crafts with matryoshkas, especially for my kitchen.

Rosina WachtmeisterRosina Wachtmeister

Her art is so very beautiful to me. So bright and colourful and  happy. Another thing I want to collect. I have two pictures for my walls (including this one) and a candle jar so far.


Nom. I just had some today. It was delicious. :)