Now in Ranmoor Village

My sister gave me a kick in the butt and insisted that I write something here. She’s absolutely right, I have been neglecting this space.

I moved into permanent accommodation on September 11th. It’s a small studio flat in Ranmoor Village (one of the University of Sheffield’s residential areas). It’s very nice and cozy and you can see pictures here on Flickr. The Ranmoor Village is almost brand new. There used to be housing here that, according to what I’ve heard, was completely horrific. The University had it torn down and rebuilt and the new accommodation was opened last winter. It’s all very fresh.

I was a bit lonely here at first. I moved in one week early and other people didn’t start moving in until this weekend. So for a week I felt a bit like I was living in a ghost town and the Ridge (Ranmoor service centre with a bar/restaurant) didn’t open up properly until yesterday. Everything’s so much more lively now and I’ve even met a girl who lives in my flat (4 studio rooms make up one flat – each flat only has either men or women). She’s from India and was feeling a little lonely so she came over to introduce herself.

I still haven’t found a job. I had an interview recently, but wasn’t hired. I’ve been feeling a bit down about it and I considered just going without a job. Then I sat down to put together a budget for the year and realized that with a part time job I would be so much more comfortable. I sent out a few more applications yesterday and am now refusing to let a bit of insecurity get me down. So there.

I finally got access to the University network yesterday, so now I don’t have to walk all over campus just to get online. I need to buy a longer net cable though, the one that came with the room doesn’t reach the bed. It irritates me.

Tomorrow is the beginning of Intro Week. During the week there is a heavy schedule set up by the Students’ Union to make sure we have many opportunities to get to know each other and have fun. I also have welcome meetings to go to, one for new postgraduate taught students and one for my department. Then I have to pick modules (classes) for the year and get registered into the school. At that point I will get my UCard which will grant me access to everything and give me all sorts of discounts and stuff. I’ve been going over the events calendar to pick out things that are interesting to me and it looks like the week is going to be very busy. I can’t wait for it all to start. I can tell it’s going to be awesome!

Then the week after Intro Week classes begin and this whole big studying-abroad adventure will begin. I feel like a big bundle of mixed emotions; excitement, nervousness, glee and a bit of fear. I’m sure everything is going to be absolutely fine though, so far things have worked out pretty well for me.

I don’t know if I’ll even remember to write a single word on here, but by all means give me a poke if you want to hear about what’s going on this week. I’ll try to remember to write a little something every night, even if it’s just so I’ll have it all written down somewhere. I’m gonna put a fresh battery in my camera and try to take lots of pictures.