Free wifi is love!

I’m bored! So booooooored!

I got a call from the Coffee Revolution guys. The job is not mine, at least this time. They said they’d be calling a few more people after a week, so maybe then. In the meantime I’m going to send applications everywhere. Applying for jobs is so incredibly boring. At least the Coffee Rev guy who called me (Dan) said that they liked me and he encouraged me to stop by and say hi once they’ve opened some time next week. Very friendly. I think I’ll do that, just so I’ll get to know some people.

So booooooored!

I’ve spent the day at cafés just so I can get online. I have no internet at home and I’m going out of my mind I’m so bored. Yesterday I spent the evening watching random Supernatural episodes.

I did go shopping yesterday though. I now have kitchen essentials, all bought incredibly cheap at this little hardware store close to where I live. £43 for two pots, a pan, two plates, two bowls, three glasses, three dish cloths, two table cloths, 5 small baskets, a squeegy-thingy for the bathroom floor, a small oven dish, toilet cleaner and a dish washing brush. Not bad.

I also shopped for food so now I can eat at home, it’s nice. Yesterday I had a very British breakfast: scrambled eggs with bacon, sausages and baked beans. :P No, I won’t be eating like that every day. Just occasionally. I also got this pack of 10 coke zero cans for £1.99. Cheapest coke I’ve ever bought!

Sheffield is very pretty though. Very green and warm and nice. The Endcliffe village (where I live) is right in the middle of a residential area, so it’s quiet and full of cute little brick houses.

The day before yesterday I went to Meadowhall. It’s a big mall. Actually, it’s a HUGE mall. Unbelievably massive. I swear the Kringla (Icelandic mall) could fit in there two or three times. Fucking enormous! I bought pillows, towels and bedsheets at Debenhams. I bit costly but I’m a snob for that sort of stuff. I completely love my double bed now. I spent all summer sleeping on a narrow, squeaky cot in dad’s computer room. This is bliss after that. The drain in the bathroom floor didn’t drain at all so I went by the Edge to let them know. A guy came over on Thursday and fixed it.

Can you tell how exciting life is now? Shopping and maintenance and wifi at cafés. I can’t wait for school to start. Just a month! I can survive a month, right?