Gay Pride and moving to Sheffield

Gay Pride

So, this weekend is Gay Pride weekend in Iceland. I had every intention of partying hard tomorrow, but I’ve come down with some kind of sinusitis shit so it doesn’t look like I’ll be up to much. I’m terribly sad. Still, I love Gay Pride. This time of year is always so full of love and acceptance and happy times.

The opening ceremony was today. I’m not a huge fan of the mayor of Reykjavík, but I have to applaud him for showing up at the ceremony in drag. Well done Jón Gnarr.

I’m sad I can’t be a part of it though. I had every intention of being a part of the parade this once. Q, the University of Iceland’s GLBT society, has a float that I had signed up for being a part of. The theme is something like “GLBT workers”. So I was going to try to figure out how to represent myself as a bisexual geographer. Oh well, maybe some other time. :P

In other news: I leave for Sheffield in 11 days. I’m feeling a very confusing mix of fear and excitement. I have pretty much everything worked out. Accommodation has been arranged, I have contacted HSBC so I only have to show up at a branch with some paperwork to open an account, I have bought my plane ticket (one way OMG) and the bus ticket from Heathrow to Sheffield. I have sent some job applications (and will continue searching when I get there).

All I have left is printing out and organizing all the paperwork for everything, packing, finishing working out the student loans issue and then leave. I only have 3 more shifts left at work. I’m already acting like the people I’ve been laughing at all summer when they’ve been counting down the minutes until their summer vacation starts. I’m so preoccupied I can’t focus on anything.

I had originally been planning on taking all of my kitchen stuff and lots of books with me. I had packed and put aside everything that I would have shipped over. The other day when looking into the cost of it and how it’s done I decided I couldn’t be bothered. Instead I’m just going go through the junk, pick out a few things that I care about and give the rest away. I’m keeping the books though, I’m going to have mom mail a box every now and then. I can also bring stuff with me when I come to Iceland for a visit and if my family visits me they can also bring some stuff. This decision is such a weight off my shoulders. I hadn’t realized how much this was stressing me out. I can just buy the most essential things when I get there and then with time bit by bit collect everything again.

I don’t really know what the future holds at the moment. The plan is to go to Sheffield, finish the year and then stay in the UK. I can’t really count on that working though, anything could come up. The only thing I know for sure is that I’m going to be there for school for a year, after that things are sort of uncertain. That means I can’t really be making decisions based on staying there for a number of years until I know whether that would work out or not. Who knows, maybe I won’t get a job, maybe I’ll be shipped off to Africa right away…I want to keep my options open.